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We Look Back Wednesday's | Uxbridge's History | Brock Street West (North Side)

Brock Street West (North Side)

The above photo was taken in 2022, showing Brock Street West (North Side).  In this photo we see the Bowling Alley and Arcade on the second floor of the building on the left with the lower level home to the Preston Gallery, Coldwell Banker R.M.R. Real Estate, Uxbridge Community Cleaning and JB Variety Store.  The building in the middle is the Post Office.


The photo below taken in 1914 shows the Post Office (still under construction).  The clock tower was later taken down and replaced with a taller one (see next photo).  Beside the Post Office is a liquor store and a Massey-Harris Farm Implement store.


The photo below taken during the 1968 Santa Claus Parade shows the post office with the taller clock tower.  After the new post office was opened in 1969 the town purchased the old post office from the government.  However, later with appeals from the community the town sold the post office along with two other municipal properties and in 1971 they were demolished to make room the the building we see in the top photo.


Photo taken in 1914 and 1968 courtesy of

Uxbridge The Good Old Days & Uxbridge The First 100 Years, by J. Peter Hvidsten 

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